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The deer dont migrate but are there all year. Includes: Meals & Lodging. But, since the construction of numerous top quality log cabins now we are ready to offer you top quality accommodations in our cozy, heated log cabins, offering you a hunting experience like none else. At during the applicable periods. You can purchase your game permit and learn more about deer hunting and the seasons in Nebraska from the Guide. I rate your operation FIRST class all the way. Several feet of snow. I have no specific score to achieve, I'd just like to see deer. It has been very hard and sometimes, impossible to live here and unbearably difficult to carry on. Nebraska is making it easier than ever to pass on the gift of hunting to our young people. The night was cold and snowy, but, I slept well in the hunting blind atop one of the ranch's high spots. I saw more mule deer than I could count, too bad I didn't have a tag. A 4 wheel drive truck will take you most places and quieter. With your leadership and knowledge, bonds will be strengthened and a first-time hunter will become a lifetime hunter. No mule deer may be harvested in Mule Deer Conservation Area. We gutted the whole thing, pulled new electrical wiring, redid the plumbing system, the kitchen is new from bottom up, and even offers a dishwasher for our spoiled guests. Mule Deer size in the 130"-180" and the length of the average shot will be from 100 to 250 yards with every attempt to find a solid rest. Dec 31 was the last day for cow elk season. Hunters who want to ensure that both or neither of their party will draw a permit in the same unit should apply as buddies. If one person fails to draw a permit, both will be excluded. The hunting was a little tougher this year than in years past; I think this was due to the fact that there was good food and water everywhere. Stephanie Schaubin said on Dec 2, 2015: "I want to send my many "THANKS" for the recent successful hunt on your beautiful ranch. I want to tell you what a wonderful time we had on your ranch, during the 2014 third season elk hunt. Hunting Mule and Whitetail Deer at the Double R Ranch is only available to our on-site guests. Application Age: Youth age 16 may get a youth permit if they purchase before turning 16. The land owner will possibly be in the area farming during your hunt. We have more snow on the ground right now than we've had for several years. 5 Any deer, elk, antelope, or bighorn sheep hunters ages 15 or younger must be accompanied by a licensed person age 19 and older. O. Go on a Private Land Hunting in Northwest Colorado. Nebraska Muzzy Whitetail Hunt. 3 Day DIY Spring Turkey Hunt $350 per Turkey with a maximum of 2. Unguided Hunting. Wow, where has my lifetime gone. The deadline for your reservations to hunt on the, "Y Lazy S Ranch". A very special treat for two friends, Dave Thomas and Paul Rodondi. This was their very first time hunting ELK. The combination of the rut, and thousands of whitetail habitat around you, with your being minimal pressure brings in bucks every year that have never been seen before. White Lease with high density Whitetail up to 160" in NE Nebraska Hot. ", "I wanted to "THANK YOU" for a wonderful hunt during the 2011 4th season. That was the right call, as the bull I killed moved into the area during the night. Once again, we had 100% success deer hunting, bagging some very respectable bucks and we got a couple bull elk, but, the elk were rather small bulls. Anyone have any private land or might point in the right direction towards someone who may want a few extra bucks for a trespass fee? Operating in three states allows us to provide an exceptional hunt for a wide range of hunters based on season dates, weapon preference and budget. In addition, Game and Parks biologists wish to maintain a higher level of older bucks in the population. Many deer are here year-round and don't seem discouraged by the cattle grazing close by. Thank you. Thank you, my friends, for coming to enjoy this beautiful place. It seems that the seven year drought may be approaching it's end. WOW, it was a breathless experience to be able to get up at "Roberts Roost" and look to the East for several miles knowing that we owned it all. I've been looking into going up to Nebraska to hunt deer ( either whitetail or muley). Of course, there is no hurry to rush anywhere. Our location is in the center of the annual elk migration path and the annual residence of local deer. Must be submitted during the first application period for draw units. How nice. They, by instict alone, know that the hunting seasons are all over with; and they know where the feed is. Restricted Statewide Buck Valid in nine-day November firearm season. Our Nebraska deer and turkey hunts are exciting and affordable. We need new rules to manage mule deer, and we have selected these four units in southwest Nebraska to implement them. Those of us, who rely on the returning visiting hunters to make our living, will certainly end up having a serious financial problem, as also will the entire State of Colorado, including the CO Division of Wildlife, having to resort to previous methods of controlling the numbers of elk by having mass executions of these majestic animals and then wasting the meat away. He no longer got there, and it started to snow. Game Type. Youth age 10 or older may hunt deer in Nebraska, Youth ages 15 or younger must hunt with a licensed adult. Chadron, Nebraska 69337. I believe that, it is solely the management of allocating tags that is responsible for the bigger and better bucks we saw in 2012. These beautiful animals were raised by the Butler family and lived on the ranch until they died from old age or were killed by their own. A lazy herd of elk enjoying the winter day directly behind the ranch house, on the "Y Lazy S Ranch". Take a youth hunting. By now, they are tired of running, tired of hunters and those who survived may be wondering why? On the "Y LAZY S RANCH" we have been offering trespass onlyhunts with minimal other services offered. Hunt #5139 DIY/Semi-Guided Elk/Deer Trespass 3,000 Ac Private Vouchers; Hunt #5139 DIY/Semi-Guided Elk/Deer Trespass 3,000 Ac Private Vouchers. (Later applications treated on a first-come, first-served basis.). This scenic 1000 acre ranch lies in the Nebraska Pine Ridge area, very near the Wyoming State line. John Chapin and son John P. wrote: Thank you for all your generosity and kindness. That is, almost everybody. Your hospitality and your land provided us with what we have been looking to find for years. The accompanying hunter may not accompany more than two hunters at a time using the Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate. The Anderson family operates Pine Timber Adventures, a working cattle ranch located in the rugged, pine timber hills. The property is one of the nicest that either Glenn or I have ever seen. Youth may apply before reaching legal age if legal age is reached before season opens. Muzzleloader Valid statewide. We provide small exclusive hunts at an affordable price! Antlerless A deer with no antlers or antlers no more than 6 inches in length. We had a few gentle rains in May and June, but, without the deep moisture, the plants in our hay fields remained stunted and failed to grow enough for us to be able tp put up a respectable crop of hay. This fact is evidenced by the returning of so many friends and customers, who delight to call this place "home, away form home" even if it is for just a few days each year. Nebraska Habitat Stamp Valid statewide and required of all big game hunters, except residents younger than 16 years of age and residents who hold veteran or 69 or older senior permits. We certainly loved having them here. Alex and I want to say a big "Danke" and "Thank you" once more for this wonderful hunt that led to Alex's first ELK harvest. deer). So, don't hesitate to call me and book your hunts on the ranch and your stay in the cabins. Your hospitality and land provided us with what we have been looking to find for years. Opening Week: 4 day/5 night hunt is Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, Check-in on Day one at any time after lunch; check-out is by noon on Day 6. *******************************************************. We enjoyed very much the new friends and customers we were blessed to meet. The accompanying person, must be age 19 or older, a licensed hunter and if age 19-29, must be certified in hunter education. 2018 was a fantastic year for hunting. I hear that there were numerous elk over where Larry and his crew were hunting. "I recently learnt that the "mule deer" is also called the "Burro Deer" (donkey???? I truly love the property that I hunted. Our weather has definitely changed and that affects the movement of wildlife. Excellent cover and state food plots, but again the army of public hunters spread out opening day and push every moving thing out. Hunting Leases 0 0 0 0 1. But, no matter how hard we work to have everything perfect for the arrival of all the special guests, new or old, there are always elements which interfere with the plans turning out perfectly well. 5 Day Hunt. We never tired of seeing all the wildlife. The Friday prior to the opening days of the rifle season in Nebraska which is usually the second Saturday in November (November 10th) the landowner will provide you each with a map of the property. The accommodations were FIRST CLASS all the way. Trespassing Regulations. We so enjoyed the meals you fixed for us - we were really spoiled. We have approximately 11,000 acres that is divided into private ranches to provide you the opportunity to hunt exclusively with your group. The fee is $5. Once, he got back to the Ranch, he also got a nice buck deer. More snow would mean better crops on this ranch, better and happier attitude by this landowner, more feed for the wildlife and prettier sights of this country site. $1700 per hunter. Bag limit: one deer of either sex and one antlerless deer in seasons with the appropriate weapons. Additional DIY days can be purchased for $ 200 per day. EXCEPTION: Farmers and ranchers who hunt with a landowner permit on land they own or lease for agricultural purposes are exempt. Those hunters find themselves highly frustrated and unsuccessful, only because CO DOW refuses to keep the game moving. And, against my best expectations, I am very late updating this website. A young man's first buck. I cannot "Thank you" enough for the opportunity to hunt the "Y Lazy S Ranch". Only one deer can be shot per hunter. Nebraska provides youth the opportunity to purchase up to two youth permits valid for the harvesting of either sex deer in any unit of the state using the appropriate harvest method for that season. Rifle Package - $2900. I woke and waited for daybreak. Mule deer doe harvest is allowed on Landowner permits, Youth permits and SCA 8 West, SCA 9 North and SCA 25 North permits. All the best and hoping to draw the right tags so we can come back next year. Arizona. Take a youth hunting. Whitetail Deer . The daily fee is $100 per hunter. I cannot think of a better place to spend a week. Antelope Permit: Youth archery permit, $11, for residents and nonresidents. These Nebraska Deer Hunters will find that this high country terrain is made for hiking and ATV travel when drive you must! If you wound a deer and it goes off the property call the landowner and ask him what to do. During the past couple of years hunting elk in Moffat County, Colorado, has been disappointing to hunters, landowners, outfitters and the Division of Wildlife alike. Are you getting excited yet? Hunt dates are available on the Nebraska State website below Rifle: November Archery: September 15th - December 31st Muzzleloader: December 1st - 31st Non-Hunting guest fees are only $150 per day for lodging and meals. Hunt Info. Last year, 2014, was another markably drought stricken year that disappointedly, did not allow us to harvest a crop. We hope that 2013 will be a whole lot snowier, so that we can have some kind of crop, anyway, and that the snow will cover the ground early in October, so that it will drive the elk to the lower country about the middle of that month. When the temps get -20 and -30 they may feel that it would be best if they were spending the winter in a warmer .freezer. Hunts are wild game, natural habitat, no calcium supplements, and no high-fenced animals. So special. Self-Guided, DIY, Trespass Hunts Filters. Anyone looking to hunt deer or elk in NW Colorado should contact you first thing. We were truly not prepared for the sumptuous accommodations. And during the regular second, third and fourth deer and elk combination seasons, we had 100% success on the mule deer, and would have been the same with the elk, if a small handfull of hunters didn't miss repeatedly; many shots misfired and many beautiful, big bulls are still running around and getting bigger. The beds comfortable and the cabins warm. Niobrara Wilderness Outfitters is a family owned and operated business that has been providing quality Nebraska hunts for over 20 years. Mark and Bob have never had the opportunity that your ranch offers, so they are going to be so spoiled by all the game you have." Frenchman and Platte. Hunting elk that time of year can be very difficult, if the weather does not co-operate. You will be hunting on all private ranch and farm land of a couple of thousand acres with intermixed Cedar groves, hardwood drainages, fields of soybeans, corn, Green winter wheat on multiple small farms interconnected. You will each have a plat map to be carried with you at all times when you are hunting. We have a cabin furnished with your comfort in mind as that welcomes you home after a day afield. The guy that should get a medal for effort, though, is Vince from Wisconsin. This is in the special Mule Deer Conservation area. All summer long, we kept seeing unusually large numbers of animals.. You are free to shoot mule deer or whitetail bucks whichever you license allows, but the area is 90% whitetail. Firearm or crossbow hunters under age 12 and those using the exemption certificate can never hunt alone and must be accompanied when hunting anything with a firearm or crossbow. For license information, please, contact: has 6,500 acres ALL private land solely owned by your hostess Alexandra (Aleka) Butler, adjacent to RouttNational Forest. , THE RANCH TRESPASS FEESWILLBE AS FOLLOWS, beginning January 1, 2022:, PronghornBuck $ 2,000, Doe Antelope $ 500, 4 day hunt / 5 night accommodations upon availability $ 2,500, ELK $3,500, ---------------------------------------, Cow ELK $ 2,000, 4 day hunt / 5 night accommodations upon availability , (Foradditional night accommodations , please, make the necessary arrangements with the management), , CALL FOR AVAILABILITY OF landowners vouchers FOR ANTELOPE ONLY. Yes, the elk are here and their numbers are very good. White-tail and Mule Deer Abound! Self-Guided, DIY, Trespass Hunts Filters. From $1,595.00. This was my first elk hunt and I'm sure it won't be my last. Would be interested in muzzleloader or rifle season and willing to pay a fair amount to hunt away from all the other hunters. 4th Season 11/23-11/27. This is a good license because you can shoot a Mule Deer Buck, a whitetail buck, or a whitetail Doe on that license. The only thing that matters to me, is that the hunters get what they come here for. It has not been easy. What you will need a $209 Nebraska Deer hunting license and a $16 habitat stamp, both of which you can get off the internet in early July 11th when they become available. We harvested a couple nice bucks during archery season and numerous large bucks during the regular rifle season. Only buildings and property in general are specifically named within the statutes. We didn't put up enough crop to matter. That should bring even more wild animals to the property. The cabin has a have full kitchenette and is fully outfitted. Of course, the hunting pressure on the mountain started pushing the animals down further. Thishunter from Australia enjoyed hunting with his father on the "Y Lazy S Ranch"., The hunter from North Carolina stalking his game., Mike from North Carolina. At least for the first couple of years, the seasons are pushed later by about a week. Youth Deer Valid statewide for all seasons with the appropriate weapons. To cook, all you need to bring is your food. Mail a completed application to Game and Parks, 2200 N. 33rd St., Lincoln, NE, 68503. The month long (December) cow elk season is a prime time for elk hunting. Preference based on the individual with the fewest preference points. The climate change is truly affecting the hunting success. permits include a bonus antlerless whitetail tag. Just wanted to wish you and Monte a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019. Just a note to "Thank you" both for a great time at the "Y Lazy S Ranch". This spring we have to plant about 400 acres on the Chapman Ranch into alfalfa and grass for hay. This site has the complete Big Game Guide in its pages. Please contact us for more information and availability. Glenn and I want to "Thank you" and let you know that we will certainly be back next year. If anybody considers a fun hunt, with almost guarranteed success, I would highly recommend hunting this season. They packed up. If there are NO available accommodations, hunters may stay in town at their own cost or take advantage of our CAMPING spaces available WITH FULL & UNLIMITED USE OF HOT SHOWERS & BATHROOMS AT THE HEADQUARTERS',. The requirements to qualify as a Nebraska resident to buy a hunting license: Reside in Nebraska continuously for 30 days or more before making application for a permit and intend to become a resident of Nebraska. The Ranch offers elk, deer, and pronghorn. This area boasts great populations of Mule Deer, Whitetail, Wild Turkey, Upland Game, and Waterfowl. Are you ready, hunters? Don't forget that. If you are not able to contact him then go the house where the land is that the wounded deer went on to and ask that property owner if you can go get the deer with your rifle with you. A Bravo to the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Turner Ranch Outfitting (TRO) is the commercial hunting and fishing division of Turner Enterprises, Inc. and offers hunting, fishing and eco-tourism opportunities on western Turner ranches. With over 60,000 acres of Sandhills and sixteen miles of the Platte River there is ample habitat to support great numbers of game. Applicants who did not receive a deer permit in a draw unit this year will be given preference in the next permit drawing. In the Frenchman Unit, hunter demand for mule deer exceeds. Not only did we have by far the best accommodations but you provided expert knowledge to assist us in being successful. A whole bunch of elk., So, now towards the end of January, the herds of elk, ever so lazily, have decided to move. One of your other hunters, Owen from California, was kind enough to help me get the elk loaded up. The mentor is there to help the youth and ensure a safe hunting experience. The numbers of the animals are unbelievably high, the elk are comfortably resting on the "Y Lazy S Ranch", and since the season is long, we can space the hunters so while they are here hunting, they don't have to compete with others. We are making some noteworthy changes beginning with the 2015 hunting seasons. We harvested many cows and yearlings, and a lot of hunters left extremelyhappy. About Nebraska's Sandhills According to the University of Nebraska Extension Center, the Nebraska Sandhills consists of almost 20,000 square miles of sand dunes that range 265 miles across northern Nebraska. The property is family-friendly, with activities available to the non-hunting guest. ", "Thank you for giving my daughter and I a great hunt and experience. It's not unusual to see two or three herds at once, of anywhere from 200 to 2000 in each herds. This DIY has lodging and access to 5000 acres of game rich Nebraska buttes. We would like to work on the opportunity to also harvest an ELK, which is something neither of us has done before. With rifle in hand and knife on his side, he blends in with the mountains, as he leans into a giant evergreen or as he sets on a massive green brown moss covered boulder. We offer rifle, muzzleloader, and archery deer hunting packages. Having enjoyed the hunting and fishing on our land for six generations. Our hope is that we draw your area again, so that we can return. A second Turkey is only $ 100. CAMPING anywhere on the property $250.00. 2022 Trespass Hunt Fees. People hunting deer would provide information to elk hunters about elk they had seen and vise versa. Only youth under the age of 18 may hunt on this land. Persons who have not completed a firearm hunter and/or bow hunter education course may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate from Game and Parks. So, we didn't harvest as many elk as we had wished. Located in the heart of the Niobrara Scenic River Corridor, our properties consist of over 30,000 contiguous acres including 15 miles of river frontage. I shot him at 5 yards on one of the water holes at the Cummings place. You will only need to bring your sleeping bag, your towels and personal toiletries. I wish the storm would have been stronger which would have more than likely moved the elk into the area where Glenn and I were hunting. Zell Farms Hunting is located about 15 miles from the nearest town, offering a serene, quiet setting. And, all three scored big with their beautiful bull elk. So, everybody, make sure you log on to their website and follow instructions for new registration and new new ways of applying for your licenses. And of course, while camping you can enjoy a real campfire Dan P. here. In addition to coordinating guest services with Turner ranch managers, TRO conducts wildlife surveys, provides supervision . Minimum Age: Deer age 10; Antelope, Elk, Bighorn age 12, Seasons: Elk and Bighorn Same as adult hunts; no special permit or season. Please call (402) 471-5455), Hunter or bow hunter education number, if required. After all, it was still summertime in November. "I've enclosed a picture of the buck I shot this year. Nebraska is often the overlooked state for trophy whitetails and Merriam turkeys. We really appreciate the way that you looked after us personally, and even changed your personal plans to allow us to start one weekend earlier than originally planned. Larry again, got a beautiful buck as did Chuck Mosier. The accommodations were excellent with the cabins being in great condition and super clean. I must say, you went above and beyond. ", "I really had a great time. The 2013 seasons were once again, exceptional. Nebraska Trespassing Law Overview Nebraska is a state with relatively sparse laws covering trespassing. All in all, it was a great hunt and I look forward to visiting the ranch again in the future - maybe with a mule deer tag in my pocket next time. The accompanying adult hunter must at all times be in unaided visual and verbal communication with the novice hunter. The elk hunters had to work a little harder; we got several cows and a couple of bulls. ****************. Because a group of hunters from PA and WV, chose to leave early and empty-handed. Our mule deer and the pronghorn antelope hunting is as good as ever, and the herds are getting bigger, healthier and higher quality animals for both species are getting to be more common. He's happy with his buck. As I am standing by the main entrance gate to the ranch, on County Rd 3, I gaze to the west and see at least two to three thousand head of elk grazing on the land that they are accustomed to spend much of their time in late fall and winter as they migrate to the west towards Maybel, Elk Springs, Brown's Park where their winter feeding grounds will provide feed and shelter during the harsh winter months. When I got home, I tried some of the venison and it was the best I've ever eaten. Aleka,Dan P. here. It was still summerlike weather here until Thanksgiving., And then, as soon as December arrived, so did the winter weather. It is a well known fact that the elk herds of Northwestern Colorado are the biggest in North America. Unguided Deer, Elk and Antelope Hunting. Archery Package - $2500. Buffalo, Frenchman and Platte permits are valid for any deer. They cannot afford to make that change in 2, 4 or 8 years. Kerry and I had a great time at your ranch this year. Truly a trip of a lifetime for a father and son. Especially, Duke, he had been my friend for 30 years. The Premiere Nebraska Sandhills Hunting Experience Located in the Sandhills of Nebraska, the wide open rolling hills make this one of the most exciting hunts you'll ever experience. Tasted GREAT. These three guys came out west tu hunt ELK on the "Y Lazy S Ranch" in Craig, CO for the very first time in 2018. NOTE: Game and Parks agents, such as Wal-Mart, cannot sell big game permits. We offer real hunting the way real sportsmen want it to be. However, in the event that you will be unable to fulfill your hunt reservation in the fall, you can use your prior posted deposit to re-schedule a deer hunt for the next season, if a reservation is available, without posting a new deposit. 2nd Season 10/29-11/06. This area will take a maximum of 5 hunters for the gun season. During the fourth combined season, we had no deer hunters. Just, up the draw from our house. The Nebraska deer hunt fees include the right to hunt, the in-season waterfowl, upland birds, coyote (no permit needed), and small game with the proper hunting permits and guns. 3 Day Guided Spring Turkey Hunt $695 per Hunter. This website designed and created by your hostess: who is solely responsible for the accuracy of all information. One stamp is required for all hunting in a calendar year, but January deer hunters may use the previous years stamp. Second and third rifle Deer and Elk combined seasons, brought us many new hunters, many new friends. So, now with a total 6,500 under this ownership, it's easier to spread out our hunters , and be assured of the ultimate success. But, sooner or later, I get it done; so, here I am again, trying to come up with something creative to describe what I would call "the most exceptional year yet". I did get a little worried about the incoming weather. Did you know that COLORADO has the largest ELK herd in the world? We can help you out with information about licensing, although we will never be responsible for abtaining a license for you. DK, "Late sending this, but, please, accept the "Thanks" of Jim S and me for one of, IF not the "BEST" deer hunt I have ever had. A second deer can be shot for $ 495. It is, for sure, one of my favourite places to hunt at. I had the best time ever on this trip. So, my message to the hunters who love to hunt on my ranch, is: Craig, Colorado is still "the Elk hunting capital of the world". Dominick Tofolo wrote: "we had an unbelievably great time and want to thank you again". We just need to convince the Colorado Division of Wildlife that, in order to achieve their goals in controlling the numbers of elk, they need to push all the hunting seasons later by 2 to 4 weeks. Here at the NW corner of Colorado, we ontinued to experience the long drawn effects of a drought that is stubborn and persistent. We are also looking forward to another good harvest of game in the upcoming hunting season in the fall of 2015. 1,000. We had pretty heavy snowfall this winter and we are looking towards a pretty productive hay season. In fact, Monte is out there checking out belts and servicing tractors. The accommodations at cabin #1 were GREAT - hot showers, warm cabin, comfortable beds and great kitchen. Persons who obtain a youth, landowner or Season Choice permit may: Firearm: Nov. 12 20; Nov. 12 22 in Earn-a-Buck units, Any weapon: Oct. 1 10 in October Antlerless units, Mule deer populations are declining in some units and increasing in others. State. Thank you Ron and Steve and Carl and Larry and John and Walt and Jim and so many more of you. The accommodations were excellent and the new addition of flat screen TVs in all the cabins were very much appreciated. No doupt we will continue to work hard to improve the wildlife habitat, so that this will always continue to be the prime secret spot of those, who for so many years continue to return and enjoy this magnificent part of the world. Landowner Valid on property of landowner. Dominick Tofolo from New York, flew into Denver, drove out to the ranch with his son and spoiled his hunt within a couple of hours, by taking a beautiful 5x5 bull, opening morning.

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