We Tested Fiverr SEO Services and The Results Will Shock You

We Tested Fiverr SEO Services and The Results Will Shock You

Why You Should Avoid Fiverr SEO Services:

We Tested Fiverr SEO Services and The Results Will Shock You


For business owners looking to get SEO on a budget, it can be very tempting to purchase SEO services on Fiverr. The price is great (only $5) and the promises are even better, with guarantees of thousands of views for your website. The thing is, like with most purchases, when it’s too good to be true, it usually is.



As covered in our Black Hat SEO article, cheap SEO services are almost never legitimate SEO, and not only will they not benefit your business or SEO, they may even damage it by violating search engine policy. As some clients were curious about Fiverr SEO, as an SEO experiment, I decided to purchase these Fiverr SEO services to find out if they really are a great bang for your buck, or just another SEO service that provides about as much SEO value to a business as a flyer placed in a trash can.

I ordered over 10 different Fiverr SEO Services that had guarantees of hundreds of targeted traffic per day from up to 30 days or longer, either through Facebook pages, twitter, or other pages. It also claimed to provide a tracker to see how many clicks your site received, as well as where the traffic is coming from.

The majority of Fiverr SEO services provide a tracking link that shows something similar to the photo below:

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As you can see, this tracker claims my website has received 1,421 clicks. At first glance, this seems like a great investment and return, and as if your website is receiving real traffic. However, if you take a closer look at your actual traffic, such as on Google Analytics, you’ll see this isn’t the full story.

Upon clicking on Google Analytics, the traffic did not match up too even close to what the click traffic claimed. Along with that, for every single Fiverr SEO service that was purchased that did show actual traffic on Google Analytics, the average stay time was about 3 seconds with not one visitor clicking onto a second page on the site. Granted, not everyone is going to stay on the site for a very long time, but for a well built site with what is said to be targeted traffic, these numbers do not add up.


Secondly, I did this for some sites that had Google AdSense ads, and even with 3,000 views from this SEO traffic, not once was there a single click on an ad. Granted, some days don’t have clicks, but with that amount of traffic over a 30-day period, there will almost always be at least a few clicks (usually 1-6 with that amount of traffic).

What This All Means for Your Business & Fiverr SEO Services


What this means is that the majority of Fiverr SEO services are bringing bots to your website, and not real traffic (if any actual traffic at all). As covered in previous articles, while it may be tempting to use Fiverr SEO services, like most things in life, when it’s too good to be true, it usually is, and so is quality SEO services for $5.

Ultimately, I ended up cancelling all the services and receiving my money back. The majority of people gave it back no questions asked, however, some attempted to claim they guarantee traffic but can’t guarantee how long the traffic will stay. For those unfamiliar with SEO, this may seem reasonable. However, once I responded by saying that if this was targeted traffic as claimed, it would be expected that at least some of the traffic stays longer than 3 seconds or click through at least a few pages, they refunded the money without a response.

The only legitimate SEO services on Fiverr are people who own their own blogs, and will place your link on their blog. That being said, don’t expect much traffic from those.

For those who are business owners, don’t fall prey to unfulfilling Fiverr SEO services. It’s best to leave SEO to the professionals.

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