SEO & Digital Marketing for Start Ups & Small Business

SEO & Digital Marketing for Start Ups & & Small Business:

A Full-Fledged Digital Marketing Campaign 

SEO Services- Get On First Page Of Google


Have a start up or new business and looking to be established online?

Looking to get your business on the first page of Google? 

Interested in having your business online designed for not only first page rankings, but generating new leads, sales conversions, and stand out amongst the competition? 

RankNowMedia’s full fledged SEO service and digital marketing campaign is focused on all of this. We learn about your business, learn about your industry and competition, and then create a full fledged digital marketing campaign specifically for YOUR business.

We then combine this with our highly specialized SEO practices, such as keyword optimization, professionally optimized blog, SEO backlinks and much more, ensuring your business is not only recognized for its new brand, but also FOUND through various search engines and social media.



Why RankNowMedia?

We’ll start with the basics: We care about your business. 
We don’t just want to run through the motions, hope you get on the first page of Google and call it a day.
We want to make sure your business thrives from your SEO services. We want your business not only on the first page of search engines for the most targeted keywords in your industry, but to create a business webpage that entices viewer’s and results in more leads, customer’s, and business growth. 





Benefits At A Glance:

While many companies offer a variety of single select services, we offer a single SEO package. We do this because in order to achieve consistent organic search engine rankings, it requires a combination of SEO practices. Think of it like baking a cake, you need all the ingredients, not just a few.


  • Gain First Page Search Engine Rankings
  • Increase Your Online Presence
  • Full-Fledged Online Marketing Research For Maximum Conversions
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Created Specifically For Your Company Webpage
  • Generate New Leads & Increase Revenue

SEO & Digital Marketing Service Overview:


  1. Company Assessment
  2. Website Design (Optional)
  3. Apply Digital Marketing Strategy And Publish Professional SEO Copywriting
  4. Apply Developed SEO Practices & Technologies For Search Engine Rankings
  5. Website & SEO Maintenance For Maximizing SEO Results And Leads



1. Company Assessment




Step 1 Company Assessment 


  • We Take The Time To Learn About Your Company
  • Industry Research
  • Marketing Research


We understand not every business is the same, and for that reason, the first thing we do is take the time to learn about your company and the industry in general. We work as if we are employees of your company itself.



Rather than just go through the motions, we start our service with an assessment of your company, overall industry, competition in surrounding areas, past marketing research that has benefited a company similar in your industry, and much more.



We use all of this for maximum SEO results and creating an effective digital marketing strategy that will generate leads and allow your company to stand out online. Similar to a commercial emphasizing a companies strengths, we ensure to do the same throughout your webpage. After all, your company webpage isn’t the only one your future clients will see.




2. Website Design 


Step 2 Website Design


  • Design Professional SEO Optimized Webpage



We will design a professional SEO optimized website for your company. We prefer to do the same design ourselves because some designs work better for SEO than others, and it’s much easier to start with a fresh design.



The design can be one of your choosing or we will offer an arrangement of selections. We will design the webpage with an easy to use platform that will allow you to easily maintain the webpage once service is complete.




3. Apply Digital Marketing Strategy And Publish Professional SEO Copywriting (Content Marketing)




Step 3 Apply Digital Marketing Strategy & Publish Professional SEO Copywriting


  • Apply research from company assessment
  • Create professional SEO content based top searched industry related keywords
  • Apply digital marketing strategies for generating new leads


Applying the data gathered from the company assessment, we’ll use our expertise, experience, and knowledge to create SEO content that will maximize your business’ online exposure. This will be designed to gain first page search engine rankings, build your brand, and generate leads.



We’ll provide professional SEO copywriting for your all of business pages, including the home page, services page, blog and more. We will also design all of these pages in a manner which will result in top search engine rankings.



Secondly, we’ll utilize our background in marketing and sales to apply certaining marketing techniques that will generate a high percentage of lead conversations. All of our marketing methods have been tried, tested, and backed by psychological research.




4. Apply Specific SEO Technologies For First Page Search Engine Rankings


Step 4 Apply Specific SEO Technologies For First Page Search Engine Rankings


  • Apply SEO specific technologies for maximum first page search engine rankings


This step will occur simultaneously with step 3. This is where the official “SEO coding practices” take place. We will be applying our highly developed SEO practices and technologies to all individual webpages, content, social media, youtube videos, and more.



This step includes:

  • SEO Coding
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • SEO HTML Tags
  • SEO Backlinks
  • Specialized SEO Keyword Optimization
  • Add Company To All Online Local Directories
  • Much More




5. Maintain And Adjust SEO And Webpage For Maximum Results

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Step 5 Maintenance


  • Maintain And Tweak Webpage For Maximum Results
  • Adjust SEO Coding, Keywords, and Copy
  • Clean Up And Polish Webpage


Great results don’t come over night. Once the webpage, content, and SEO technology are complete, the final step is spent maintaing the page and making any necessary adjustments.  This will include adjusting keywords, copy, and the organization of the webpage, ensuring it will achieve the high and consistent search engine rankings.


Contact us today and lets have a conversation about what we can do for your SEO & digital marketing strategy.

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