Blogging Services

Blogging Services


We’re going to be 100% direct.

It’s 2016, if your website doesn’t have a blog, it’s time to develop one.

Not having a blog on your website is like not having an engine in your car: The car may look nice, but it’s still not going to run properly.

The good news is, we’re here to get your blog up and running properly. Not only that, we’re going to SEO optimize your blog so you’ll acquire new customer’s through search engines.


Blogging Services Benefits At A Glance



1. Marketing:

92% of companies who blogged multiple times per day acquired new customers through their blog. (Effective blogging of course). Whether it’s for increased visibility, showcasing new products, building your brand, or generating new leads, a blog is by far one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available.

2. Engaged Customers:

It’s a new day and age in the business world. With social media, viral videos, and everything in between, customers like to feel as if they are engaging more with human beings than a business just after their money.

How can your customers feel this way?

Your blog of course!

Your blog allows your customers to feel the love and get a better idea about who they’re doing business with, which leads to not only more customers, but customer loyalty.

3. Become an Authority:

Customers want to do business with those they both trust and feel understand the business. What better way to showcase this than to blog about your knowledge and expertise (or have us do it for you).

Don’t leave your customers wondering if you’re the right choice, let your blog do all the talking!

4. SEO:

See the results we gained for a recent client of ours “”. Below is SEO from a 90 range and 28 day range.
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(Not including additional clicks from images and videos)

Business owners are amazed at how much traffic can be gained from blogging a few times per week (or day). Google & other reach engines love sites that are constantly being updated with fresh, relevant content (as well as SEO optimized content of course).

Blogging is the way to do this.

We will not only write you compelling content, we’ll ensure it’s SEO optimized and designed to get on the first page of search engines.

5. It’s The Way of the Future:



If you’re not blogging, you’re falling behind. There are 31% more people who read blogs today than 3 years ago, and that number will continue to grow.

We understand the internet can sometimes seem like this big, scary thing, but blogging is the way of the future. Keep a leg up on competitor’s and get your business out there!


Blogging Service Packages


Blog Creation Package

No blog on your site yet? Don’t worry, we’ll develop one for you.

As you may already realize, blogging can be fairly time consuming (at least if you’re publishing well written content). We’ll put together a plan to ensure your site has a blog that will engage reader’s, build your business, and perform well on search engine’s.

All articles written will be relevant to your business, either to inform reader’s of new updates with your business, or to establish your business as a leading authority.


Blog Management Package

Maybe you already have a website with a fairly developed blog, but don’t feel you’re getting as much out of it as you should, are just looking for someone to keep building off what you started, or you want your blog to perform better on search engine’s.

Maybe you want all three of these.

Regardless, here at RankNowMedia, we love writing engaging content, whether it’s to promote your business, new products, or demonstrate how your business is an authority in the industry who really knows their stuff. What we’ll do for your business is produce original, fresh content that will be designed to engage reader’s, establish your business as a leading authority, and perform well in search engine rankings.


Blogging Service Pricing



*Based on 500 word articles*

1 Article per Week
$199Per Month
3 Articles per Week
$479Per Month
$997Per Month


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