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We believe in order to achieve consistent results, the process is everything. This is why we’re able to generate such consistent SEO & digital marketing results: We have developed a simple but highly effective process. 



While we can’t give everything away, here is a general overview of our SEO process.

Overview Of Our SEO & Digital Marketing Process:


1. Company Assessment: 

First, we take the time to get to know your business, it’s values, and goals. We research your business, brainstorm ideas and apply all of this and more to create a unique specific digital marketing strategy for your business.

For example, the SEO copy, tone of the webpage, and marketing strategy for an event lighting company would be much different for a sports apparel company. While designing your site’s webpage layout, SEO layout and content, rest assured your specific business will be taken into consideration and a unique strategy will be developed specifically for your business.

Put simply: We care about your business’ success.

2. Website Design/SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy Creation 


Once we have completed a comprehensive assessment of your business and developed a specific, customized digital marketing plan, we then begin putting together the content strategy. We organize the layout of your website, content, and organize the webpage in such a way that maximizes leads, conversation’s, and continues to develop your business’ brand.

In addition, we research and place your webpage on other online marketing tools that will increase your companies online exposure outside of search engine, such as guest blog’s and websites dedicated toward your line of business.

3. Apply SEO Methods & Technologies


Next our process focuses on what’s most important: Bringing your business lasting first page rankings which generates more exposure, leads, and revenue for your business. 

Once the design and outline is completed, we then focus on search engine rankings.

We use our specific tested SEO process and algorithm for generating organic first page rankings for your business. This includes content creation, link building, html tags, optimizing all content and webpages, and much more.

Most importantly, unlike many companies who use black hat SEO tricks that get short-term gains but area eventually penalized by search engines, all of our SEO methods are 100% authentic and designed to create lasting organic search engine ranking’s.

We ensure your rankings on search engines remain consistent, and your business continues to grow through its new online presence.

It’s through this simple, but specific process, we not only get your business on the first page of Google and other search engines, but create content and layout that generates new leads and client’s. After all, you don’t want to be on the first page of Google for bragging rights, you want more revenue.

Choose RankNowMedia, the online digital marketing company dedicated toward your companies’ success.

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