How Long Does It Take to See Results with SEO?

How Long Does It Take to See Results with SEO?


In today’s day and age, we all want everything fast and now.



When it comes to SEO, the only thing that should apply toward fast and now is taking care of SEO now, and fast.



When it comes to actually producing results with SEO, it takes times.



Many times when speaking with clients, I usually hear something along the lines of:



“How long will it take before I’m on the first page of Google? I’d like to see my business on the first page within at least one month.



Granted, for anyone with little to no experience dealing with SEO, it’s understandable to have this expectation. However, the fact is, when it comes to achieving first page search engine rankings and lasting search engine rankings, it takes time.



“But what about those companies guaranteeing SEO results in as little as a few weeks?”



As we covered in our previous post about 5 things to watch out for when hiring an SEO consultant, those types of SEO companies, along with incredibly low costs, most likely are using Black Hat SEO tactics.



For those unfamiliar with Black Hat SEO, you can read more about it here. In a nut shell, black hat SEO is unethical SEO tactics that will have your website removed or banned from Google, SEO rankings can only be achieved that fast through unethical SEO practices. That is assuming of course that company can make good on that guarantee at all.



“Ok…but how much time does it take for quality SEO?”



Well…that depends on several on factors.



We understand how an answer like that can be frustrating though, so before we go into the details, the average time is about 6 months. Sometimes it can be sooner, other times, it can take longer.



What really determines how soon your website will appear on the first page of search engines are several factors as follows:



  • The competition for the SEO keywords
  • Domain Age
  • Quality of your SEO/Website



The Competition for the SEO keywords


Not all SEO keywords are created equal. Some have incredibly high competition. Other SEO keywords have very low competition. What determines how competitive each keyword (as well as location is):



How popular the keyword is as well as how many people have optimized for SEO.



For example, if you own a pizza shop in Chicago, your competition will most likely be incredibly high and will take some more time.



If you own an e-commerce business selling a very rare and unique item, your competition will most likely be very low.



With lower competition, it’s much easier to gain ranking faster, since no other websites are ranking for that keyword. Think of it like shooting a basketball at a 5ft diameter basket: It’s fairly easy to make the shot.



A great example of this is from our event lighting client “Tylerlight”. While many of the keywords targeted were fairly competitive, we also had a few that had ultimately no competition.



Google “Florida aura led lights” and see for yourself. Tyler light should be not only on the first page, but the first several listings.


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This is also a great benefit of hiring an SEO consultant, such as here at RankNowMedia, as we’re able to target low competition keywords (along with more competitive SEO keywords) that will still generate significant traffic to your business webpage.



Domain Age

While domain age isn’t one of the most important factors that determine SEO, it’s still a search engine ranking factor. Google wants to be sure it’s ranking the highest quality and most authoritative sites on the first page of search engines. Generally speaking, a site that has only been around a few months has not been around long enough to establish credibility.



That being said, with quality SEO, even if the domain and website are brand new, it is still very possible to see significant results within the first 6 months.



Quality of your SEO/Website

Naturally, this is the most important factor that will determine how soon you see results with SEO. Now, nothing can ever be guaranteed, and it is possible even with great SEO results may not show for much longer, but generally speaking, with higher quality SEO service, the sooner you should see results. (We’re still talking 3-6 months here).



While there are many factors that determine your overall search engine ranking, some of the major ones are a consistency in the webpage (meaning all content is relevant), quality content, SEO backlinks, clean coding, fast webpage loading time, mobile friendly, SEO optimized content, and inbound links (just to name a few). When done properly, you could see certain pages of your website on the first page of Google within a few weeks, and the majority of the pages within a few months.



A recent blog I designed dealing with playing Chess had a few pages on the first page of Google within just the first month of its creation.



Wrapping it All Up: Great SEO Takes Time

So, for those who are looking to hire an SEO consultant, expect it to take at least 6 months. If you see results sooner, great. If you don’t, it’s what’s expected.



While it may be tempting to take those low cost companies with too good to be true guarantee’s, waiting 6 months or so for quality SEO that will last for years is far more beneficial than quick rankings that have you banned from Google in less than 6 months.



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